Calcutta Fishing Derby

Fishing Derby

The Calcutta Fishing Derby is sponsored by the Woods Hole Business Association and takes place the entire month of September with daily prizes given out for biggest catch of Bluefish and Bass. Grand prizes given out on the last day of the derby.

Official Rules

Derby Dates and Times

The 2013 Calcutta Fishing Derby begins at 12:01 a.m., Sunday, September 15, 2013 and ends Sunday, October 13, 2013 at midnight.

Annual Awards Party

The Annual Awards Party will be held on Monday, October 14, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Landfall Restaurant.

Eligible Fish Species

Eligible fish are Striped Bass and Bluefish, hereinafter referred to as the species.

Divisions and Entry Fees

There are two divisions Striped Bass and Bluefish. The entry fee is $50.00. Kids under 12 are free.

Payment of Entry Fees

Payment may be by cash or personal check. There will be a $25.00 service charge for returned checks, which along with the entry fee must then be paid in cash. Failure to do so will disqualify the entrant from further participation in the Derby and forfeiture of any prizes.

Weighing of Fish

The weigh-in station for all fish entered in the derby will be at the Landfall Restaurant. The weigh-in times will be between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. All fish must be weighed-in within 15 hours from the time of being caught. All state and federal laws must be complied with. At the time of weigh-in, fisherman must present his/her badge and provide the weigh-master all requested information.

Required Minimum Lengths for Fish

Striped Bass: 28”.
All the decisions of the Weigh-Master and the Derby Committee are final.

NEW: Free Fishing Derby

For each fish weighed in a bluefish or a legal bass the fisherman will receive a Landfall Prize: a drink, or a cup of soup, or a Landfall tee-shirt. In addition, the fisherman will receive a raffle ticket for a framed oil painting by a local artist Julia O'Malley-Keyes, on display at the Landfall. The raffle drawing will be at the awards dinner on Monday, October 14, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the Landfall. You can weigh in as many fish as you like and there is no sign up, and it is free.

Note: You can only participate in only one of the fishing derbys; either the Calcutta Derby or the Free Fishing Derby.

Awarding of Prizes

Daily: A first prize will be awarded daily in each division (Bluefish and Striped Bass).

Overall Prizes At the end of the Derby, the money from the entry fees be split in half, 50% will go to the largest Bass and 50% will go to the largest Bluefish.

Ladies: $100 for largest Bass
$100 for largest Bluefish
Kids: (under 12) $50 gift card for Walmart for the largest Bass
$50 gift card for Walmart for the largest Bluefish

Entry Form

» Woods Hole Calcutta Fishing Derby Entry Form [MS Word | PDF]

Past Winners

Year Overall Bass Overall BluefishWomen's BassWomen's Bluefish Under 12
2013 Dave Ponelli
27.75 lb.
Dave Ponelli
12.00 lb.
Lisa Danburg
8.85 lb.
Lisa Danbury
7.75 lb.
Willaim Kelleher
12 lb. bass
2012 Marcus Meadelis
37.35 lb.
Kelly Livingston
13.22 lb.
Kelly Livingston
26.75 lb.
Kelly Livingston
13.22 lb.
Lyra Delori
.25 lb.
2011 Marcus Meadelis
42.7 lb.
Arthur Vose
12.5 lb.
Kaitrin Tessier
30.6 lb.
Kaitrin Tessier
10.25 lb.
Henry Starosta
10.5 lb. Blue
2010     Kaitrin Tessier
30.6 lb.
Kaitrin Tessier
12.9 lb.
Lyra Delory
2.1 lb. Blue
2009 Phil Stanton
38.25 lb.
Gary Engblom
15.8 lb.
Kelly Livingston
25.5 lb.
Kaitrin Tessier
11.1 lb.
Linny Delinks
11.4 lb. Blue
Aidan Downey
9.55 lb. Bass
2008 Nat Chakley
49.6 lbs.
Nat Chakley
13.35 lbs.
Rachel Delori
15.45 lb.
Lisa Danburg
12.3 lb.
Ariella Baxbaum Grice
3.45 lb. Bluefish
2007 Miles Ochs
42.9 lbs.
Ed Dupuis
13.1 lbs.
Lindsey Duquay
21.3 lb.
Laurie Raymond
9.05 lb.
Linny Delinks
1 lb.
2006 Erik Gura
38.3 lbs.
Gary Engblom
14.9 lbs.
Laurie Raymond
9.8 lb.
Laurie Raymond
11.95 lb.
Lindsay Delinks (8 yrs. old)
1.1 lb. Bluefish
2005 Nat Chalkley
36.7 lbs.
Phil Stanton
12.9 lbs.
2004 Andrew Grant
40.3 lbs.
Phil Stanton
13.8 lbs.