New Science Tour!

Learn about the history of science in Woods Hole in this informative and interesting walking tour through Woods Hole village created by the Woods Hole Historical Museum with hands on learning (touch tanks) and a free seal show!
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Woods Hole is a salty, sea spray village that brings the Nobel Laureate and the local fisherman together in harmony. It is a village of the past, with many seafaring tales, and it is a village of the future. In the summer, Woods Hole bustles with visitors, shoppers, scientists, residents, and passengers waiting for the next ferry to the island of Martha's Vineyard. It is a strolling village, easily reached in the summer aboard the "WHOOSH" trolley or by the "Shining Sea Bikepath." As you amble about the village, you'll discover many great eating places, unique shops, galleries, museums, educational institutions and attractions, beautiful gardens and scenic vistas.

a village of the past

an escape to the present

a sea explorer's dream